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Melbourne; the city with four seasons in a day, the best public transport in Australia, and more footie fans than you can shake a stick at. From freezing to nearly fifty degrees in a year, with arts, music, and cafes galore, Melbourne has livability written all over it. Our plumbing services cover everywhere from the leafy suburbs of the southeast, out to Williamstown, and all the way up north to Sunbury and Craigieburn.

Melbourne plumbers know how to deal with your needs, whether it’s a hot water system failure in the middle of July or stormwater overflow from a blocked drain in the middle of October. We’re local plumbers who understand what your home or business needs. 


How Does Finding a Melbourne Plumber Work?

Finding a plumber in Melbourne is extremely easy. Follow these steps to find a reliable, trustworthy plumber now:

Step 1

Click on our locations and find your suburb or shire on the list to select

Step 2

Choose “Contact Us”, fill in your details, and tell us about your plumbing needs 

Step 3

 We’ll drop you a line to discuss a free call out and quote before we get started 

Step 4

 A plumber will be at your house or unit at the set time, no dramas


We Offer Every Plumbing Service You May Need

Townhouses in Footscray, apartments around Prahan, or family homes in Oakleigh – all will have different plumbing problems and have different types of heating and hot water systems to work on. The experienced plumbers working with Plumber Coop can work on it all.

Emergency plumbing services

When the water just won’t stop coming, or it’s just too cold to stand, call our emergency plumbers for a no-fee call out.

Blocked drains

Don’t let blockages ruin your day. We’ll get your drains unblocked in your kitchen or bathroom, or out in your garden or yard.  

Burst pipe

Water dripping from your roof or coming through your walls is a sure sign of a burst pipe. Our leak detection service will find where the water is coming from and repair it ASAP.  


Keep your hot water system and other gas appliances up to scratch with regular servicing, inspection, maintenance. A call out now will save a huge bill later.  

Gas fitting

Update your gas heating or hot water unit to get a warm house in those chilly winters, and treat yourself to a high-pressure, steaming hot shower at the same time. 

General plumbing

 If it’s got water, pipes, or gas involved, odds are we’ll be able to fix it. All your Melbourne plumbing needs are covered in one place. 


Plumber Types You Can Find at Plumber Coop

We’ve got a strong team of experienced plumbers, all ready to use their skills to find the right plumbing solution for you. We’ve got the right tradie for all your plumbing work, be it commercial or domestic. 

Commercial plumber

A CBD cafe needs water for its coffee machine, your Dandenong warehouse can’t have a blocked toilet. We know how important it is to get back on track quickly so we send you our commercial plumbers at the double.  

Emergency plumber

Always on call, because you never know when you’ll get a burst pipe or cracked cistern, our emergency plumbing service will get you patched up in no time.  

Professional plumber

 As well as having the appropriate licenses and registrations, our teams’ years of experience makes them professional to the core. You’ll always get high-quality workmanship.

Gas fitters

You need to be sure your gas works are being taken care of by a pro, so bring in our team and we’ll get your new hot water system in, connect your stove, and fit your new heating unit.  

Melbourne plumber

Choose a local plumber in Melbourne to get the service you deserve. You want a plumber from your area so they get there fast and pick up parts locally.  

Backflow prevention plumber

We have plumbers who are licensed to install and offer servicing for your backflow prevention valve. 


Fair Pricing for Your Plumbing Needs

We want all our customers to be left satisfied, not just with the work our team does but the price they paid. We provide quality plumbing at fair prices, all under warranty to give you extra peace of mind. 

Quality workmanship

Your plumbing issues will be solved to the absolute highest standards, with the best parts for the job, and no mess left behind. 

No upfront costs

We give you a free quote over the phone and there’s no call out fee – you’ll get a price before we start and make your choice with no pressure. 

Same day service

Having no hot water service in your hairdresser or factory can halt your day. We’ll come out for any emergency plumbing need on the same day. 


Licensed Plumbers You Can Rely On

We have a full range of plumbers on the books, all correctly licensed and registered in Victoria. It’s not just about the paperwork, at Plumbers Coop we have plumbers with years of experience and a deep knowledge of their work.

Tradie you can trust

Australia is built on the hard-working tradie. You’ll get exactly the work you need, completed fast and hassle-free.


 We’ve got the plumbing industry know-how to ensure the worker who comes to you has the right parts ready and the licenses to work on any site you need them. 

Customer satisfaction

Fixing your water pipes shouldn’t be a nightmare and sorting out your kitchen tap shouldn’t give you stress. We aim for complete customer satisfaction with each call out. 


Find a Reliable Plumber in
Melbourne, VIC

With the city growing fast, there’s always demand for our services. We’re ready to send someone to install your complete plumbing system in your Melton new build or refresh your piping in a period property in Brunswick. All the way down in Mornington and around to Werribee, Melbourne plumbers will fix the problems faced by businesses and homeowners. 

More Locations in
Melbourne, VIC

South Eastern Suburbs

As the houses get bigger plots, and the roads get less blocked, you know you’re out in Frankston and Cranbourne. No plumbing jobs are too small, even out here, and we’ll fix your leaking taps and blocked drains without a problem. 

Mornington Peninsular

The cool wind off the bay and the old boardwalk on a late spring evening are two stars of the peninsular. Old weatherboard houses and new builds alike will need a gas heater and hot water unit to get through the winters.  


Who said the east gets to have all the fun? Out west from the city, Melton is a growing town with a diverse community and cheaper homes at that. Get your air conditioning at the ready, along with your hot water, to survive in this country town.  

Western Suburbs

Werribee is the extreme west of the city with lots of parks and surprisingly nice beaches around Altona and Point Cook. The newer houses and commercial units are on our radar and we’re ready to offer you plumbing solutions.  

More Cities in Australia


South and west around Port Phillip, Geelong is the gentle younger sibling to Melbourne, but it’s hitting a growth spurt for sure. The history of the gold rush town is clear in its old wool warehouses at the waterfront.  


Melbourne’s eternal rival, Sydney is the warmer, glitzier cousin focussed on growth and development. The Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House are standout icons, but the period and Federation properties are what give it character.  


A much better climate sees the folk up the road in Brissie spend all year outdoors. The sprawling countryside and bustling city so close together make it a very liveable city. 


History lives in Newcastle, with some of the oldest theatres in the land and some wonderful period homes. The small-town feel has been preserved even as the city expands on the back of huge coal exports.  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How much does a plumber cost in Melbourne?

The price of a plumber is going to depend on a lot of factors. For example, installing a gas hot water system takes more time and skill than plumbing in a new toilet. It’s not just about the work, but how you book it, too. Emergency plumbing services can be more costly because of unsocial hours. 

The cost of your plumbing work will be outlined in a free quote before our tradies start so you can make an informed choice to use our plumbing service. 

Q4. Can you negotiate with plumbers?

You can try, but generally prices for work like installing a water heater or servicing a gas furnace will be fixed. If you’re a commercial customer or a landlord, you may be able to negotiate a contract for regular servicing and simple repairs. It’s OK to ask for a discount, but you won’t always get movement. 

Q2. Do plumbers cost more on weekends?

Yes, lots do. Our team doesn’t usually do routine work like servicing and general plumbing on the weekend – we like the footie too! There are plumbers on standby for you in an emergency though, don’t hesitate to call to discuss your needs and costs.

Q5. Can a plumber detect a water leak?

Yes, one of our services is leak detection. Your first clue you have a leak will likely be a sky-high water bill. Call us and one of our team will complete a full plumbing inspection to see where you’re losing water. Once they know where the leak is, the next step is to carry out the necessary pipe repairs. 

Q3. Why do plumbers charge a call out fee?

Some plumbers charge a call out fee to cover the time and fuel it takes to come to your home to see what needs doing. We don’t agree with this; our team’s call out fee is $0, we only charge you for the work that’s carried out. 

Q6. What areas near Melbourne does Plumber Coop cover?

Our team covers the whole of Melbourne and its suburbs. We work out to Melton, Whittlesea, Mornington, and Hurstbridge and everything on the way back South Melbourne and St. Kilda.