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Right on the Atlantic Ocean rather than in the San Gabriel Mountains, Hollywood in Florida is no less glamorous and enticing. Between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Hollywood is home to snowbirds avoiding winter in their home states and packed with 1950s bungalows and modern condominiums. With a range of properties and commercial units, skilled plumbing services are needed to keep everything ship-shape.

In Southern Florida, you may not need a heating system, but hot water on demand and a perfectly functioned air conditioning unit are essential. Avoid hefty plumbing repair bills by bringing in the best plumbing contractors as soon as a problem arises.


How Does Finding a Hollywood Plumber Work?

Finding a plumber in Hollywood is extremely easy. Follow these steps to find a reliable, trustworthy plumber now:

Step 1

Scroll down our list of locations, find where you are, and select

Step 2

Click on “Contact Us” and complete the form including your details and your plumbing problems

Step 3

We’ll get in touch with you to discuss pricing for your needs and book an appointment with a plumbing contractor

Step 4

One of our team will be at your door to provide a free quote and start the work when you’re happy


We Offer Every Plumbing Service You May Need

Your plumbing issues don’t need to be a big problem. The team of plumbers we work with at Plumber Coop has the right skills and experience to ensure your needs are met and exceeded.

Drain cleaning

Got a clog in your outdoor drains or sewer line? Our hydro jetting service will get your clogged drain flowing fast.

Septic tank servicing

Around half of Hollywood is without mains sewer lines, plus Coral Springs and Weston. You need to keep your septic tank pumped and well-maintained.

Hot water services

Whether you need a water heater repair or are looking for a tankless water heater replacement, our master plumbers will take care of it for you.

HVAC Servicing:

The hot and humid climate requires a fully serviced and clean air conditioning unit. Let our HVAC technicians keep it ticking over.

Plumbing inspection

Homeowners and landlords alike need to be careful of broken pipes in their plumbing system. A regular plumbing inspection should catch problems before you need a full repiping service.

General plumbing

Look after all your plumbing equipment and you’ll avoid emergencies. We can service and repair garbage disposal units, your sump pump, water heater, and fulfill all your general plumbing needs.


Plumber Types You Can Find at Plumber Coop

You want to be sure the plumber you call in can handle the job. We know the skills and experience of everyone we work with so you get the best plumbing company for the work you need.

Emergency plumbing

Needing an emergency service can be a stressful time. Our friendly plumbers will be with you quickly to get your emergency solved.

Commercial plumbing services

A Dania Beach restaurant, Hallandale casino, or any other commercial unit needs a plumber to work with technical systems and keep disruption to your business to a minimum. Trust our plumbers to get the job done.

Residential plumbing

A simple dripping faucet to a full water heater installation on your old West Park home – any plumbing issue in your home will be fixed and completed without hassle.

Water damage repairs

A water leak can wreak havoc on your home or condo. Use our leak detection service to find the problem and then we’ll help get the pipes fixed and your walls and floors back to how they were.

Certified backflow technician

In Florida, you need to have a backflow preventer valve fitted on certain properties to prevent contaminated water backup. We can send a fully licensed backflow technician to install and service the right valve.

Local plumbing company

Choosing a local plumber means you get the excellent service you expect from your community. You’ll get pricing fair to the local area and a team that understands your plumbing issues.


Fair Pricing for Your Plumbing Needs

No matter if you’ve got broken pipes gushing water everywhere or a simple blocked toilet, you’ll get charged a good price and get top-quality workmanship, too.

Fair pricing

Before any work starts, your local plumber will give you a free quote on the work. Only once you’re happy will the plumber start working.

Customer satisfaction

Great value plumbing means that you’re happy with the end result. We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer satisfaction.

Skilled and certified

Even when the plumbing repair you need is complicated, we have the diverse skills needed to make sure you get the help you need.


Licensed Plumbers You Can Rely On

Registered with the Hollywood Department of Public Utilities and certified by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, all the plumbers we work with have the right competencies for your work

Registered plumbing contractor

Be assured that anyone who comes to your property in Hollywood and the surrounding area will have the correct paperwork to be able to do the work.

Work under warranty

We hope that you’re completely satisfied with the plumbing service you receive. If you do encounter a problem, be assured the work is covered by warranty.


Along with the right skills, you can be sure you’ll have a professional plumber come to your residence or business every time.


Find a Reliable Plumber in
Hollywood, FL

At the heart of one of the most cosmopolitan areas of South Florida, Hollywood is chic and shines bright. Spend your time in Young Circle at the restaurants and food trucks rather than dealing with plumbing problems. Our Hollywood plumbers will undertake any service, from unblocking your clog to installing a tankless water heater and repiping your entire home.

More Locations in
Hollywood, FL

Miami-Dade County

South of Hollywood is the famed city of Miami and Miami Beach. Packed with Art Deco buildings, palm-lined streets, and some of the best nightlife in the world, this part of South Florida is where everything happens. Ensure your business keeps the water flowing and you get your period home a repiping service often.

North Broward County

Up the coast, the commercial areas of Coral Springs have their strong regulations and Pompano Beach its historic buildings all around. Fort Lauderdale is where the yachts come to dock. Older properties and apartments require master plumbers to maintain the plumbing systems carefully.

Palm Beach County

Palm Beach City is the flashy and affluent island off the east coast of South Florida and the rest of the county is full of villas and glass-clad apartments. Out west and north are the farms that account for a fair chunk of the county’s wealth. Our local plumbers are based far north and can sort your plumbing needs.

South Broward County

Down the beach at Pompano Beach, Hollywood, and Hallandale or nestled just behind in cities like Dania Beach, West Park, Davie, and Pembroke Pines, we’ll get the right plumber out to your home.

More Cities in the United States

Philadelphia, PA

In the cooler climate of the northeast, Philadelphia is a city steeped in history and confidently moving into the future. Surrounded by small townships, the city center is developing fast with new commerce and industry moving in.

Detroit, MI

Home of the automobile industry and some of the most famous music the country has to offer, Detroit is a city rebounding. From the mansions of Grosse Pointe to the slow and steady redevelopment in Plymouth, the city is making a comeback.

Orlando, FL

Further north in Central Florida, Orlando is as much of a tourist destination as South Florida. The tourists come for the theme parks whilst the locals settle here for the shopping, dining, and access to nature.

San Diego, CA

Last stop before Mexico, San Diego keeps the surfers happy on the coast and the hikers healthy inland. The young families moving into the city are there for the opportunities in tech that are developing.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Do I need a backflow preventer installed on my property?

Some properties in Hollywood need to have a backflow preventer valve installed. This is to stop the backup of contaminated water into drinking water supplies. If you’re developing a new apartment block in Pembroke Pines or elsewhere around Hollywood, bring in a backflow preventer technician to assess your requirements.

Q4. What commercial plumbing services do you offer?

In commercial centers like Miami Beach, Dania Beach, and Miami, businesses can face tough competition and downtime from operations isn’t ideal. A flooded yard at your warehouse or blocked toilet in your cafe needs urgent attention from our plumbing emergency service. Our team understands the importance of minimal disruption and returning to full operations fast.

Q2. I'm having plumbing issues with my hot water heater, what are my options for a new one?

You have a few different options to replace your water heater. The traditional system uses a tank that’s heated by either gas or electricity. For more modern and efficient solutions you can consider a tankless water system or solar-powered hot water. Our plumbing contractors will be happy to help you choose and complete your water heater installation, too.

Q5. How do I organize an emergency service for my water heater?

Emergency plumbing issues can be fixed quickly, just call the number at the top of the page and we’ll have a professional plumber out to you from the local area right away.

Q3. Do you have a plumbing contractor for home renovations?

Homeowners sometimes want to change things up, and our plumbers are happy to help. Your remodel might need a water heater installation or a complete repiping, you might want to remodel your kitchen and change your garbage disposal or the location of your sink. Outdoors, having a new sump pump added can protect your basement or crawl space from water leaks, and we even offer sewer line checks to be sure your renovated home is fully up to standard.

Q6. Do I need a septic tank?

Around 8% of Broward county doesn’t have access to main sewerages. If your property is in one of these areas, you’ll need to have a septic tank. Be sure to avoid plumbing problems and have the tank pumped and a drain cleaning service completed regularly.