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Attracting millennials and finance and technology companies is a skill that Charlotte has mastered. The Queen City is booming as folks migrate here for good jobs, luscious countryside, and a thriving cultural scene. The buildings in Charlotte range from modern homes and malls to historic houses and government offices, all of which come with different plumbing issues for our team to handle.

We’ve got your plumbing problems covered with our licensed and registered contractors across the Charlotte area.


How Does Finding a Charlotte Plumber Work?

Finding a plumber in Charlotte is extremely easy. Follow these steps to find a reliable, trustworthy plumber now:

Step 1

Find your area on our location page through the tab at the top, and click

Step 2

Complete the “Contact Us” form including your information and details of the plumbing repairs you need

Step 3

We’ll be in touch shortly to discuss your needs and get a plumbing company out to you

Step 4

The plumber you need will be at your home or business, ready to work as arranged


We Offer Every Plumbing Service You May Need

On the southern edge of North Carolina, we have plumbers covering Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Any issue you have with your plumbing system can be taken care of by the plumbers at Plumber Coop..

Water heater services

A faulty hot water heater is a stress no one needs. We offer speedy water heater repair and even replace it with a tankless water heater if needed.

Drain cleaning

Clogged drains aren’t just smelly and annoying; they can cause lasting damage to your sewer line. We offer a hydro jetting drain cleaning service to get everything flowing.

Leak detection

Bad smells, warped floors, damp walls – all are signs of leaks in your water or drain line. Organize for our leak detection service to examine your pipework today.

Septic tank services

Many homes in Charlotte and the surrounding areas don’t have mains sewers. Have your septic tank pumped often and replaced when it’s worn out.

Full-service plumbing

Plumbing isn’t all about repairing problems in your plumbing system. We offer plumbing solutions, helping you choose the right water heater or septic tank for your needs.

General plumbing services

Plumbing problems can be stressful, even if they seem small. We’ll fix a dripping faucet, repair your broken garbage disposal, service your sump pump, and complete a toilet repair. It’s all part of a day’s work.


Plumber Types You Can Find at Plumber Coop

The best Charlotte plumbing company for your needs might be different from the recommendations from friends or neighbors. We have the full range of plumbing services you need.

Emergency plumbing services

A broken water heater in a Rock Hill restaurant or a burst pipe in your Monroe home require emergency service. Call us to get a call out.

Commercial plumbing

Your manufacturing business in Concord or engineering workshop in Mooreville can’t afford unplanned downtime due to burst pipes or faulty plumbing systems. Our team understands commercial plumbing demands.

Residential plumbing

Tasks like water heater installation or servicing or upgrading your plumbing fixtures when you just move in, are jobs in your house that’ll make it feel like home.

Licensed irrigation contractors

Building a home in Cornelius or Huntersville? Installing a backflow preventer requires a licensed contractor and we can connect you with the right plumber.

Expert plumbers

As Class I licensed Charlotte plumbers, our team can help remodel your home and advise on a range of plumbing solutions like a new water heater or septic tank.

Renovation plumbing

Fixing up your historic home in Harrisburg may mean a complete repiping service, or simple changes like a new sump pump for your basement or an improved garbage disposal unit.


Fair Pricing for Your Plumbing Needs

Using Charlotte plumbing services means you get the best value, with quick travel times within your city or town and knowledge of local suppliers.


Your costs will always be explained before a tool is picked up, giving you information to make your own choices.


In the woodlands of Waxhaw or the cosmopolitan Mint Hill, our team comes from your area and knows what plumbing services you need.

Excellent service

Our workmanship is top-rate. You’ll get your plumbing needs met by a friendly and knowledgeable plumber.


Licensed Plumbers You Can Rely On

All of our North Carolina plumbers are registered with the State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating, and Fire Sprinkler Contractors, assuring you of their skills and experience.

Work under warranty

If at any point you’re not happy with the work being carried out due to poor workmanship, we offer a complete warranty of the work carried out.

Customer satisfaction

As business and homeowners, you only want the best for your investment or home. We’ll give you outstanding customer service every time.

Greater Charlotte plumbers

Having a plumber from your local area means they should be with you on time and wow you with their service.


Find a Reliable Plumber in
Charlotte, NC

The Charlotte metro area has the city center and Uptown as its core with corporate HQs and leisure and art facilities available for the cool crowds that frequent this city. Indian Trail to Mooresville and everything in between, even across the state line into South Carolina in Fort Mill and Rock Hill, Plumber Coop has the right plumbers for your needs.

More Locations in
Charlotte, NC

Union County

South and east of the Queen City, the towns, cities, and villages of Union County are packed with history and tradition. The antiques in Waxhaw, Independence Day parade in Indian Trail, and nature and park of Monroe exemplify the county. Our plumbers know how to work with period and modern properties in the county.

Mecklenburg County

Taking in all of Charlotte and the suburbs up to Lake Normal, this county has the full gamut of urban, suburban, and rural living. Pineville on the state border is growing fast whilst Huntersville, Cladwell, and Cornelius have been home to NASCAR for years. Keep the water flowing at home or at the engineering workshop with our Charlotte plumbers.


Joined up to Charlotte but a city with its own character, Concord attracts tourists for its history and business people for its transportation links and manufacturing capabilities. The business and homeowners of the city have our plumbers just a click or a call away.


To the west of Charlotte, past Belmont, Gastonia is a satellite town with a thriving textile manufacturing industry all of its own. Period properties on large lots require a lot of maintenance to avoid the need for emergency plumbing services.

More Cities in the United States

Detroit, MI

Heart of the Rust Belt and home to some of the biggest automobile companies in the world, the once declining city is making a comeback with a revitalized waterfront.

Colorado Springs, CO

This mountain city is home to military personnel, sporting organizations, and thousands of millennials all seeking the great quality of life on offer here.

St Louis, MO

A tech hub in the midwest with easy access to nature, this city is booming with corporate HQs dotting the downtown area.

Los Angeles, CA

Known for Hollywood, commerce, and some of the wealthiest counties in the country, LA is famed the world over no matter your interest.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I tell my water line has a leak?

There are a few signs to look out for to identify a leak. You might notice that your wooden floor is warping or that your carpet has a moldy smell. Walls in your home may be damp as water seeps upwards. Unexplained pools of water in your garden are also a clue. To be sure you have a leak, contact us to send some to do leak detection and water line repair where needed.

Q4. What water heater options do I have?

Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading your current one, you might want to explore changing your hot water heater. Most homes still have a tank that’s heated by electricity or gas. A more efficient choice would be to install a tankless water heater, then you get hot water on demand, too. Our full-service plumbing means we can help advise, source, and install these, along with solar and geothermal hot water systems.

Q2. Does a dripping faucet require an emergency plumbing call out?

We leave it to you to decide if you need emergency service from our plumbers or a next-day call out. If you need your plumbing problem sorting immediately, we’ll get someone out to you. Please remember that emergency call outs can be more expensive than a regular plumbing service.

Q5. Do I need a sump pump?

A sump pump takes away water when it gets to a level that could damage areas like your basement, crawlspace, or house foundations. If the area you’re in is prone to water build up or there’s a history of flooding, a sump pump is a great idea.

Q3. Who is responsible to maintain my sewer line?

If the pipework is on your property, it’s up to homeowners to maintain it. You should have a regular drain cleaning to unstuff any clogged drains and prevent backflow.

Q6. Can you service my plumbing fixtures?

Yes. We can check everything from your current hot water installation to your garbage disposal and everything in between. Maintaining your plumbing fixtures will help you to avoid big repair bills further down the line.